What are the main functions of the SpaNet® Control System?

The SpaNet® Control System is a reliable and user-friendly option for spas and hot tubs. In this article, we will discuss its key functions and why it can be considered one of the best spa control systems.

When shopping for a spa, one of the important features you need to look for is the spa’s control system. SpaNet® is one of the most feature-rich, reliable spa control systems on the market today.

In this article, you’ll learn:

What is a spa controller?

The spa controller unit is the central brain that connects to and runs all the equipment in your spa or swim spa.

SpaNet™ error codes

Your spa controller connects to the circulation pumps, blower, massage jets, lights and also to other accessories such as ozone or UV sanitiser. A spa controller can also be known as a 'hot tub controller' or 'spa pack' and helps you enjoy a relaxing soak in your spa.

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What is a SpaNet® Control System?

SpaNet® is a widely recognised brand of control systems that are specially designed for operating and managing spa and hot tub equipment.

It is a digital control system that allows users to adjust and monitor various settings and functions of their spa, such as temperature, jet speed, lighting, and filtration.

A SpaNet® Control System typically includes a user-friendly interface, touchscreen or keypad control panel, and can be integrated with other spa components like pumps, heaters, and sanitisation systems.

SpaNet® controllers are used in popular spa brands like Vortex™ Spas, Fisher™ Spas, Sun & Soul™ Spas, Sapphire Spas™, and Alpine Spas™.

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How to use the SpaNet® Control System

The SpaNet® Control System is designed with user-friendly features, making it easy to operate.

The SpaNet® Control System is available in different models, including SV-1 Mini, and SV-2 Mini, as well as the SV Series, which includes SV-2, SV-3, and SV-4.

While the SV2, SV3, and SV4 are similar to the SV1 and SV2 Minis they have extra functions and features that set them apart. One key difference is that the SV Mini heater is remotely mounted while the SV series heater is built-in and part of the controller.

Please check the spa tech sheet to determine your spa controller's model.

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What are the main functions of the SpaNet® Control System?

The SpaNet® Control System serves several essential functions to provide users with the best possible spa experience.

Let’s look at the primary functions of a SpaNet® Control System are listed below.

One-touch functions

Many controllers use a combination of key presses to activate certain functions. With the SV system, most functions are 'one-touch.'

Programmable circulation pump

Enables accuracy when setting appropriate minimum daily filtration considering the spa size, filtration pump size, environment and use.

Circulation pump setups are adjustable from 1-24 hrs. Filtration is performed on an hourly basis, taking into account sleep times, heating and manual pump operation.

Powersave function

A feature to truly lower spa running costs is reducing energy usage during peak power-priced periods, by limiting filtration only (low) or both filtration and heating (high) to occur outside peak power periods.

Peak power start and end times and power saving levels are all easily adjusted via the topside panel user menu. PowerSAVE levels are adjustable (off, low and high) to tailor the feature to the customer's requirements.

Adjustable lighting

Advanced lighting software provides complete flexibility over your choice of colour mixing mode, effect transition speed and brightness adjustment.

Light modes include White: fixed white light, User colour: a manual selection from 30 possible colours, Step: step change between colours, Fade: smooth fade between colours, Party: automatic disco light pattern.

In addition, there are five light effect speed & brightness adjustments to truly enable lighting control perfection.

One-touch cleanup cycle

Upon exiting the spa, one press of the dedicated topside panel key activates a 20-minute water sanitising cycle that immediately engages the Ozone/UV and filtration pump and operates all pumps and the blower in sequence to purge plumbing lines at the start and end of the cycle.

Variable blower control

SpaNet® controllers have the ability to run your air blower at variable speeds. This air system allows you to manually adjust the air massage to your desired level of comfort.

With complete control from the topside panel, you can adjust from a vigorous massage right down to a slow bubbling spa, or enjoy a mix of both in ramping mode. The choice is yours at the touch of a button.

Automatic time-outs

All equipment automatically turns off in a timed sequence from the last topside panel key press. Pumps and blowers turn off after 30 minutes, lights at 45 minutes and then the spa returns to automatic mode.

Automatic daily purge

A 10-minute daily automatic water sanitising cycle that operates all pumps and the blower in sequence to purge plumbing lines while filtering. The time of day this feature activates can be adjusted via a topside panel user menu.

Programmable sleep timers

Included are two sleep timers that are easily adjusted via the topside panel user menu. Sleep timers disable automatic heating and filtration during the desired sleep period. Using two timers you can set different sleep periods for different days of the week, for example, weekdays and weekends.

Freeze protection

Automatically activates a comprehensive warming cycle including the multiple purging off all plumbing lines when the water temperature reaches 4°C.

Self Diagnostics

Extensive self-diagnostics enable easy fault finding. Error codes and descriptive text are scrolled across the topside panel for easy identification of faults.

In addition, fault codes are flashed on the controller's heartbeat LED. To make diagnostics even easier the controller will scroll important configuration information across the topside panel LCD after a key press combination.

What spa brands use the SpaNet® Control System?

The SpaNet® Control System is used by popular spa brands in Australia and New Zealand including Vortex™ Spas, Alpine Spas™, Fisher™ Spas, Sun & Soul™ Spas, and Sapphire Spas™.

What other products does SpaNet® sell?

SpaNet® not only specialises in manufacturing control systems but also offers a range of other spa components.

Heat pumps

  • PowerSmart® Heat Pumps
  • SV Series® Heat Pumps
  • SV Cold Climate® Heat Pumps

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Spa Pumps

  • SmartFlo® Spa Pumps
  • XS® Spa Pumps

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Spa Accessories

In Summary

SpaNet® is a reliable spa control system with great features that enhance the overall spa experience. Its user-friendly interface allows easy customisation, and advanced automation features save energy and reduce costs.

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