What to know when doing your own spa delivery (Costs, considerations pros, cons and more)

Ordered a new spa and planning on a DIY delivery and installation? This explains what to know when delivering your own spa including how to deliver it whether by trailer, hiab or crane.

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Once you have purchased a spa pool or swim spa from Spa World, you have a range of delivery options to consider.

If you have chosen or are considering picking up your spa from the depot yourself, this article will help you learn what you need to know and expect, including how to prepare for the delivery, the risks involved, costs, pros and cons, and more.

Please note that information contained in this article was accurate at the time of writing and may change without notice.

Can I pick up and install a spa pool myself?

Yes, it is generally safe to pick up your spa and install it yourself as long as you follow the manufacturer's safety guidelines and instructions.

Be aware that while it is entirely possible to pick up and install a spa on your own, doing so requires special equipment, workers, and protective gear.

It also comes with several risks that will not be covered by your spa’s warranty.

Depending on the size of your spa, the distance that the spa needs to be moved, and your property access, doing your own spa delivery may also require specialised skills, a hiab or a crane. Watch the video below to know which one you need.

Watch: Hiab vs crane - What’s the difference and do I need one for my spa delivery?

If you do not have the right equipment or resources, doing your own spa delivery may not be the best idea. If you have recently bought a spa pool and are considering your delivery options, one of the first places to start is talking with your salesperson.

If you bought a spa from Spa World, you will be assigned a concierge to help through every step of the process – including delivery options. To get to know your best options, be sure to consult with your Spa World Concierge and they’ll point you in the right direction.

Why would you choose to do your own spa delivery?

In our experience, we’ve found there are five main reasons people choose to pick up their own spa.

1. You live outside of the delivery areas.

If you live outside of the main centres, the company may not deliver to you. If they do deliver in your area, it may cost more than you'd like to pay, in which case you may opt for DIY.

As an example, Spa World delivers everywhere within Australia and New Zealand, but areas outside of the metropolitan areas fall under “out of area delivery” and may incur additional charges and do not provide the same service as a Standard Metro Delivery.

Check out the article below for more detailed information regarding delivery options.

2. You want to save money.

You may not live outside the delivery areas but far enough away that the delivery costs are prohibitive, so to save money, you might decide to collect the spa from the nearest depot yourself.

It's worth noting that, unless you already have access to the necessary vehicle and tools to move your spa, doing your own spa delivery may not actually save you money.

In certain cases, DIY spa delivery may even cost more than professional delivery services if you factor in the cost of manpower and equipment.

Our advice? Before you commit to a DIY delivery, do a thorough pros and cons comparison and make sure to factor in all the extra costs (and hassle) associated with it.

3. You have strict timelines from builders or landscapers.

When the spa needs to be on-site within a certain period that does not coincide with the delivery schedule, the best option to pick up the spa from the depot yourself at a time that suits you.

4. You want to choose the delivery personnel yourself.

In some cases, you may decide to do a DIY spa delivery so you can choose your own delivery personnel and use your preferred company.

In this case, while it’s not technically a DIY delivery, but because you will be managing the process yourself, the spa company will more than likely consider this a ‘self-delivery’ so it will likely not be covered under warranty should the spa be damaged.

5. You have restrictions regarding personnel onsite.

For corporate or private sites, there may be restrictions regarding personnel allowed onsite, so you have no choice but to opt for self-pick-up and hire your own approved personnel.

Watch: How to do a DIY spa delivery and install with a car and trailer

How much does spa delivery cost?

The cost of spa delivery can vary depending on a few factors such as the distance of the site from the depot, the size and weight of the spa, and whether the area is easily accessible by the delivery team or not.

As a general guide, you could expect to pay anywhere between $600 and $3000 for a standard spa delivery. However, it does depend on how the spa company calculates the final price.

For example, at Spa World, the delivery cost is calculated according to the distance from the store location to the site of installation.

A ‘Standard Metro Portable Spa Delivery’ in Australia covers the cost for the first 50km if delivering within the metro or urban areas, and may cost you between $700 to $800 or more.

After the first 75km, additional charges of $2.50 per kilometre are incurred.

Some spa retailers provide the option for metro curbside drop-off for as little as $300. This can be a great option if your property is close or right next to the road with little to no obstacles. However, it does require you to move and install the spa in position yourself.

Please note that these are rough estimates and are not meant to reflect the final cost of your spa delivery.

How much does DIY spa delivery cost?

The cost of a DIY spa delivery will vary depending on your situation, requirements and property access.

Many people choose a DIY spa delivery to save money, and in some cases, it is a lot cheaper than a professional delivery. However, it can also end up costing a lot more.

Why? Well, when you do your own spa delivery you will be responsible for arranging for all the equipment and crew you need to transport and position the spa.

For example, it could cost you as little as the fuel to and from the delivery depot. However, if you have to hire a crane or specialist equipment, you could end up paying several hundred dollars to pick up and install your spa.

Plus, there’s a big risk that if the spa gets damaged in the process – it’s unlikely to be covered under warranty.

What do I need to do for my own spa delivery?

If you’ve done your research and weighed up the pros and cons and decided that yes, you are going to do your own spa delivery, then there are some things you should be aware of.

You will need to consider the following:

  • Transport vehicle. The type of vehicle you need will depend on the spa you purchased, but it does need to be able to carry the weight of your spa. You may also need to use a flatbed trailer to transport your spa. If you don’t have the right vehicle and trailer, you may need to borrow or rent one.
  • Locks and straps. You will have to prepare proper locks and straps to keep your spa safely locked in the trailer while you’re moving.
  • Fuel. When picking up your spa you have to factor in fuel costs. The longer the drive, the more you will need.
  • Personnel. You may also need to hire people to help you load and unload your spa. If you have friends who can help, you may ask them to come over.
  • Trolley. You may need a trolley to help you unload and move the spa in position once you arrive.
  • Timber. Depending on your property access, you may need to have flat timber on hand to help you patch up holes or make slopes on stairs so you can move your spa safely.
  • Insurance. Once the spa is in your hands, it becomes your responsibility. If things go wrong you will not be able to count on warranty, so we suggest having insurance in case of accidents or mishaps during the delivery.

Do I need a crane or trolley to move a spa?

The answer depends on the type of spa you’re moving and where you are moving it to. For portable spas up to 2.3 square metres, a trolley is used to easily move the spa, but they can be moved by a group of people within short distances.

By contrast, swim spas or entertainer spas are virtually impossible to move by hand because they are much bigger and heavier than portable spas. For this reason, we recommend using a hiab or a crane to safely position your swim spa.

How many people can move a spa without a trolley?

The number of people who can move a spa without a trolley really depends on a few factors such as the size of spa, people involved, the environment, equipment, and installation type.

We do recommend hiring or asking for help from people who are comfortable carrying heavy equipment and providing safety gear to be safe. Apart from the people who will move the spa, consider getting extra help who can assist with guiding the movers and removing obstacles when necessary.

You may also need to have someone to help lay down flat timber over holes and stairs to avoid accidents.

We do recommend that you only do this if you’re only a short distance away from the installation site. Otherwise, a trolley will be a more convenient and safer option.

Important considerations when doing your own spa delivery

If you’re planning to pick up your spa from the depot yourself, be mindful of the following considerations:

1. You will be responsible for the spa as soon as it has left our warehouse or third-party depot.

This means that from the moment you receive your spa, you are liable for anything that happens to it. Be sure to prepare the right vehicle and moving equipment to safely transport your spa.

Before you go to the warehouse, it may be best to get in touch with the warehouse personnel to know any safety requirements the warehouse may have.

We also recommend preparing the proper locks and straps to keep your spa in place over the flatbed trailer while in transit.

Practice safe driving and ensure that you follow your local regulations regarding transporting and delivering spas to avoid legal complications.

2. You will need to install and set up your spa on your own.

As you will not be accompanied by a professional spa delivery personnel, you will have to install and set up the spa on your own. Consult your spa’s manual for the pertinent information and check out the handover articles on our website.

You may find more information regarding setting up your spa by clicking the button below.

3. Damages incurred during a DIY delivery and installation may not be covered by the warranty.

Any damages that happen once the spa is turned over to you will unlikely be covered by the spa warranty, so we do recommend getting insurance coverage to protect you and your spa during the delivery.

How to move a spa in a small place?

If your property access isn’t easily accessible and has narrow spaces, be sure to measure out the area to know if the spa will fit. If there are obstacles above and around the area, you can opt to position your spa over the backyard using a hiab or a crane.

To give you an idea of how delivery and installation are done by professionals in a small space, please watch the video below. Please note that this is only an example and does not reflect how each delivery is conducted.

For Spa World customers, make sure to consult with your Spa World Concierge to learn more.

Watch: Start to finish spa installation in a small space

Can you choose self-pick-up on swim spas and entertainer spas?

Swim spas and entertainer spas are too big and too heavy to deliver on your own unless you have access to large vehicles, a hiab or a crane, and a team of contractors.

If you wish to hire your own delivery personnel and equipment, you may do so, but we do not recommend attempting to do this by yourself if you have no delivery expertise.

How do you transport a large spa?

Large spas are typically ones that are larger than 2.3 square metres such as entertainer spas. These types of spas are usually transported using a truck and moved into position with the use of a crane or a hiab.

Swim spas are virtually impossible to move by hand, so they will always require a crane or a hiab.

Does a spa need to be on concrete?

Every spa needs to have a solid, flat, level foundation. Concrete slabs are one of the best options for spa foundation, but you may also choose other types when applicable.

Check out the link below to learn more about how to choose a solid foundation for your new spa.

How long does it take for a spa to be delivered?

The answer varies and will depend on how far away you are from the spa depot as well as the availability of the spa model and delivery personnel.

For a smoother and faster delivery, we recommend that you:

  • Book it in. Check with the warehouse and see what time is convenient to arrive in order to pick up your spa.
  • Prepare any technical and electrical requirements beforehand. You may need to take care of a few electrical installations and set up a foundation and fencing before your spa can be delivered.
  • Research local council regulations. Every territory has specific requirements regarding spa safety, so we suggest researching the applicable rules and regulations and acting on the items you haven’t done yet.

Click the button below to learn more about spa safety regulations in different localities.

Is it OK to transport a spa on its side?

Depending on the spa, yes. In fact, it may even be necessary to turn the spa on its side to safely get within small spaces and to place it on the trailer for transport. However, we recommend you do so with care and take proper precautions to avoid damaging the spa and its internal components.

How should I prepare for a spa delivery?

Before you can receive your spa, there are important things that you need to prepare whether you’re using professional delivery personnel or doing it yourself.

Click the button below to find more information about critical safety and technical considerations that you need to learn before the delivery.

In Summary

We hope this article has answered all your questions about DIY spa delivery and if it’s worth it. Remember, you can always contact our helpful customer care team for more information. They are here to help.

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